Data Services

Regardless of whether your data is in one place or is spread across multiple locations, we can help your medical institution, clinic or hospital meet its requirements and achieve its goals. By providing viable solutions and detailed execution plans from the very start, we set specified milestones and get the job done. Our professional data services at CSP Healthcare encompass:

  • Data Migration: We provide data migration services between software and database systems. We also make sure your data is securely migrated to the required structure.
  • Data Synchronization: We provide data synchronization services between software systems using CSP Middleware. In addition to this, we ensure your data is regularly updated.
  • Data aggregation: We provide data aggregation services that help you realize your plans.

Data Analytics & Clinical Language Understanding CLU

Helps hospitals to extract facts from scattered documents, and make use of these facts to feed to electronic medical records software, or to perform analytics on the data.

We at CSP Healthcare provide clinical text analysis and fact extraction using market leader CLU technologies, to achieve required results for our clients.

The clinical language understanding technology can extract following clinical facts:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Problems
  • Procedures
  • Social history
  • Vital signs

With CLU & analytics services we will help your hospital to make use of its data and improve patient care !



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