Cloud Web-based Apps VS Desktop Apps In Healthcare

There are still many users using healthcare Desktop Apps.

And this goes to the following reasons
• Lack of proper understanding about cloud applications
• Believe desktop applications cost less on the long run.

The software average life span is about five years, and in healthcare with the HIPAA Meaningful Use requirements, healthcare software have to continuously update, to insure proper patient care. Clinics and hospitals are shifting towards cloud based solutions, because of these challenges.

In healthcare desktop apps usually change for the following reasons:
1. HIPAA standards and patient safety rules update yearly in healthcare.
2. Operating systems versions are updated every few years, and this forces desktop software vendors to release new software versions.
3. The technology the desktop application was built on becomes obsolete.
4. Desktop apps have to update to include new software fixes.

For the last six years we have built software applications for fortune 500 and mid to small scale enterprises, and these apps include desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps, and we have formulated the following comparison table. Click on below image to download PDF.




Private Cloud web-based apps are great solution that is replacing the desktop application model in hospitals, and reduces the time spent on updating each computer, as well synchronization with the hospital system.

Public Cloud web-based apps are designed to follow the software as a service model, and this allows enterprises from all sizes to be able to afford using public cloud applications with its low subscription cost, through the internet accessing from anywhere at anytime using the web browser or mobile device. And this empowers clinics and hospitals to access from multi locations and empower its doctors to work from home or anywhere.

Desktop apps may appear in some cases to have a low price, but in reality a desktop application will cost more than the price of five years public cloud subscription, as well the annual maintenance, bug fixing, customization and training, downtime, will result in more than fifteen thousand dollars cost per doctor in five years, for a desktop application that is destined to change.

We believe that since price is one time thing, and cost is a lifetime thing. Don’t you want the best possible lowest cost for your business, that is really effective ?

As technology is progressing currently there are solutions that allows web-based cloud application to have the look and feel of windows applications and as well communicate with devices available at your organization or clinics.

We at CSP Healthcare provide such technologies, as well web-based public and private cloud to our clients, and we believe our responsibility is to always educate and inform our clients with the best practices and technologies which optimizes their time and enable them to perform their daily tasks effectively.

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